The El Rey Theater is finally getting some much-needed attention, with a change of management and a brand new game plan.

Originally the occupancy for El Rey was about 700 people, preventing the theater from attracting large enough acts to turn the profit needed for necessary maintenance. However, after life safety and toilet room upgrades, this Albuquerque landmark will be able to hold upwards of 1300 people and play host to a variety of different shows. Not only will the El Rey hold performances ranging from hip hop and Mexican music to comedy routines, but it will also be open as a dance club when a show is not booked.

In order to breathe new life into this historic building, Baker A+D is making a number of modifications to the interior space. The greatest of these changes is the addition of much larger toilet rooms to serve the dance floor, significantly increasing the capacity of the El Rey. The dance floor itself will also be renovated, eliminating the previous differences in elevation to make one large, open space for dancing. Another adjustment to the theater is a spacious new bar to serve the social level, making it possible to get a drink while still watching the shows. Improvements to the circulation and balcony will also make the El Rey a much more enjoyable and safe place to be.
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