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So, you found the Perspective section of the site. Perspective, in this case, is our clever little architectural way to say blog. Keep your eyes on this space which will be our outlet to express opinions and random musings about various architectural topics.

With this being the innaugural blog entry on the new site, we figured we'd talk a little bit about the site itself and what we have done with it. First, major kudos must go to Albuquerque's most creative agency, 3 advertising that built this robust beast for us. Have a look at their site and you'll see it is a LOT like ours. When we started this process, they asked us what we wanted - we gave them a few requests but basically said "let 'er rip." I think that is the best way to treat professionals; give them input but let them lead the way. After all, this is what they have spent their life doing. We got a kick out of their solution because it reminded us of what you might get from your architect if you gave them carte blanche on your new house design - your house essentially be their dream house.

But we all know that websites and homes only share a few similarities. Of course, a website might be your "home" on the internet, and it needs to evoke your corporate culture, but the similarities stop there. Residential architecture relies heavily on one's personal experience and lifestyle. No two people are the same and no two homes should be either. A good architect will listen to his or her clients and design a home around their wants, needs and even personalities. But I digress...

The star of this site should be the architecture, plain and simple. At the end of the day, we are only as valuable as the buildings we design - not the monetary value, but the true functional and aesthetic value to the clients and users. On the front page, we'll have a featured project that will change from time to time. In our 6 years in operation, Baker A+D has designed over 75 projects. We've uploaded our best projects here that show off our wide range of experience, from small commercial tenant improvements to custom residential to new public schools. We hope you enjoy the projects that we have here.

We now have a News section where we can share what is happening behind the scenes. Check out the A+D Link Of The Week which will connect you to a random internet gem we found, usually having to do with architecture, design or New Mexico. For new clients, you can check out our Firm Profile. We also have a Client Access area where existing clients can log in to check out the progress on their projects. If you want to talk to us about your project, the Contact Us page is for you.

image: Huit Carres by Felice Varini - location-specific installation art which gives the illusion of a flat overlayed image, but is actually painted in perspective.
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