KANW Radio Station Gets a Facelift
Baker Architecture + Design is excited to be working on their first technical project: the renovation and addition to KANW Radio Station Headquarters. This Albuquerque Public Schools project has been a great learning experience through the design process, and promises to be a great finished product.

The original KANW building, near CNM on Coal Avenue, is a hexagonal brick structure designed in 1969, with little to no changes since. Since its beginning, the radio station has grown and even works with APS to provide tours and vocational training to high school students. Due to this growth, the current space is cramped and becoming inadequate. We have worked closely with the manager, Michael Brasher, and APS to design a larger, more modern space to accommodate KANW's needs and give them more of a presence along Coal Avenue.

Not wanting to neglect KANW's origins, the eastern half of the existing building will remain and the western module will mostly be remodeled, leaving the majority of the existing shell intact. However, an entirely new second floor will be added, housing new offices and a large multi-use space. This space will be used as a vocational classroom for high school students, a center of operations for pledge drives and even a secondary studio for special broadcasts. The western half of the existing building, which currently houses the music store, storage and an office or two, will be opened up to provide better access. Only the merchandise and restrooms will occupy this remodeled area, supplying improved visibility and more room to display and operate the store.

With the bidding process just beginning, construction on KANW should start early November. Baker Architecture + Design looks forward to working with the owner and contractor through this process to bring the paper drawings to life on the streets of Albuquerque.
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