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Baker Architecture + Design provides full architectural services with a concentration on developing creative modern solutions utilizing contemporary materials and technologies appropriate to the climate and indigenous architecture of New Mexico.

Mark Rea Baker, AIA

Mark Baker


M.Arch. UCLA, 2000

In 1992, Mark moved to Albuquerque seeing it as an open-minded city welcoming of experimental architecture and a fitting place to begin his practice. With a Masters of Architecture from UCLA, a professional B.Arch degree from the University of Oklahoma, and a semester abroad at University of Central England, Mark has been recognized as a design leader and has taught studios at USC and UNM. While teaching was an enjoyable experience, his passion undoubtedly lies in the practice of architecture. Other interests include craft coffee, playing tennis, snowboarding, Pulp Fiction, Survivor, books by Vonnegut, attending live music performances, and making yearly road trips to Marfa, Texas. His trips don't end there. Mark has traveled in Mexico and across Europe, from Scotland to Italy with notable favorite cities being Prague and Barcelona. When his mind isn't on architecture, he dreams of being a singer-songwriter.

Tomas Sanchez, RA

Tomas Sanchez

Project Architect

M. Arch University of NM, 2005

With over fifteen years with the firm, Tomas is known as Baker A+D's right-hand man. He gravitated to architecture through his father, who designed and built their home. Tomas would study the plans, and draw from his dad's industrial design and art history books. Declaring his major in his sophomore year of high school, Tomas obtained his Masters of Architecture at the University of New Mexico, and spent a semester abroad in Europe. He is currently intrigued by the designs of Snøhetta and has always enjoyed Renzo Piano's details. He also enjoys painting, furniture fabrication, watching movies like Eyes Wide Shut, and travel (when he's not with his kids). His travels include Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, and Mexico. He has also traveled to Italy, his favorite destination for cuisine. 

Richard Pham

Richard Pham 

Project Designer

M. Arch, UNM 2017

As a rebellious act to one-up his dad (who didn't complete architecture school) and voted as "most likely to succeed" in middle school, Richard obtained a Masters of Architecture at the University of New Mexico. While at UNM, he studied abroad at Waseda University's Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering in Tokyo. He also studied Transitional Justice and Architecture in Berlin, Germany. His proficiency in Vietnamese comes in handy for his regular visits to Vietnam where architecture is especially interesting to him. Since he dreamt of being a manga artist as a kid, he spends his time drawing and watching anime such as Whisper of the Heart. He also enjoys playing tennis, rock climbing, and reading philosophy such as In Praise of Shadows. His inspirations draw from Toyo Ito, Louis Kahn, and Nujabes among others.


Cheyenne Moore

Project Designer

M. Arch, UNM 2018

Cheyenne was born and raised in New Mexico and is from the Navajo Nation. Growing up, she was taught the importance of family, education and to always embrace her culture, creativity and community. This laid the foundation for a career in architecture, allowing her to express her interests and design ideas while incorporating the values she grew up with. She earned a Masters of Architecture from UNM and is working toward becoming a licensed architect, after which she would be part of a tiny community of Navajo women architects. She finds the designs of Zumthor, Ando, and Libeskind inspiring. In her free time, she loves to travel. She has visited Chile and Ireland, but she hopes to add more destinations abroad soon. She also enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, a good cup of coffee, craft beer, concerts and watching movies like Dazed and Confused, Death Proof and Almost Famous.

Dania Al Kabbani

Dania Al Kabbani

Project Designer

B. Arch, IUST 2010

Dania was born in Damascus, Syria, and moved to the U.S in 2017. She enjoys learning new things and sharing her own culture, especially food and Arabic coffee. Dania has her bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from International University for Science and Technology and holds a diploma in Urban Planning and Sustainable Reconstruction from Lund University in Sweden. She loves entering architectural competitions, and has won a handful of international awards and honorable mentions. She spends time creating monochromatic black and white art, wire sculptures, and abstract character design. In 2017, she published her first graphic novel “The Cage.” She draws much of her inspiration from M.C. Escher and likes the architectural work of Libeskind, BIG Architects, and MVRDV. When her head isn't in art and architecture, you can find her hiking, doing yoga, playing drums and listening to metal music.

Cole Cottrell

Cole Cottrell

Project Designer

B. Arch, UNM 2016

Born and raised in New Mexico, Cole grew up in the mountains outside the Albuquerque area. For college he moved into the city to study Architecture at UNM. During school he developed a deep love for his city and state that inspired many of his passions. Cole loves to snowboard and hike but when he is not on a mountain or in the studio, you can find him at various LOCAL restaurants, coffee shops and breweries. Prior to joining our team, Cole was a residential kitchen and bath designer for 8 years and has worked on over 400 homes across our state. Cole has also worked on/completed various commercial projects in hospitality and retail, including 8 hotels, the New Mexico United Retail Store - Headquarters and multiple restaurants. Architects that inspire Cole often have New Mexican ties like Gaw Meem, Predock and Prince and his favorite read is “Albuquerque: A City at the End of the World”.  He loves New Mexico and is inspired every day to elevate it through design.

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